Toss 'n' Fire is a wood-fired pizza and catering company based in North Syracuse. We operate two custom-built orange wood-fired pizza trucks and a restaurant in North Syracuse! Our new location is located at 315 North Main Street. Look for our expanded dining area with craft beer and wine coming Spring 2018! We serve Neapolitan style pizzas created fresh in our wood-fired brick ovens. You can find our mobile units at local events including food truck rodeos, festivals, and farmer's markets; or you can book us for your own event. We take great pride in our product. We always strive to create delicious combinations using only the best quality ingredients, such as the finest tomatoes, cheeses and  '00' flour imported from Naples, Italy. We source local produce and meats whenever possible from farmers right here in CNY. Come taste the difference at Toss 'n' Fire today!

My name is Nick and I'm the owner of Toss 'n' Fire. I started this company because of an absolute passion for all things food, especially pizza. I grew up right outside of New Haven, Connecticut and got to enjoy some really great pizza places in the area growing up. (Pepe's, Sally's, Modern, just to name a few). I worked in a pizzeria for 6 years when I was younger. This experience inspired me to attend culinary school and focus on restaurant management.  After moving to Syracuse in 2014, I wanted to figure out a way to pursue my dream of opening a pizzeria. That's when Toss 'n' Fire was born -

a mobile pizzeria travelling all around CNY from farmer's markets to festivals and everything in between. We had two trailers custom built with a wood-fired brick oven attached to it so we could create Neapolitan style pizzas with unique ingredients and combinations. I hope you enjoy the pizza as much as I have enjoyed making it for you. We now have a location open year round in North Syracuse at 315 North Main Street. Hope to see you there! - Nick Sanford, Owner/Operator

Toss 'n' Fire takes great pride in our product and cooking process. This starts with freshly made dough using '00' flour imported from Naples Italy. We use Italian tomatoes and some of the best mozzarella on the market today, paired with locally sourced produce and meats whenever possible from farmers here in Central New York. These combinations come to life in a true wood-fired brick oven powered completely by wood.  Our pizzas cook in just 90-120 seconds while our oven reaches 1000 degree temperatures. This is the way pizza was always intended to be made and we love keeping that tradition alive.

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Shop Location: 315 N Main St, North Syracuse, New York 13212, United States